(Delverys during the Fall of WhiteCoast)





Base Health 35

Left Arm:  17/                  Right Arm:  17/

Left Leg:  17/                   Right Leg:  17/

Torso:  52/

Head:  9/

Combat Abilities:

5.  Counter 1

10.  2 Strike

15.  Dodge 1

Weapon(s):  WhiteCoast Saber– 10 + 15 = 25 AT.

Other Gear:  Water skin, two pouches, gloves, facial cowls, quill and ink, hooded cloak, rations.


Path I – Healer:

Circle I – Light

Circle II – Disrupt Light

Circle III - Regional

Circle iV - Armored Cloak

Physical Description:

Darion is of average height. He has brown hair coming down to his shoulders and grey eyes. 


(Today's Delverys)





Base Health 55

Left Arm:  27/                  Right Arm:  27/

Left Leg:  27/                     Right Leg:  27/

Torso:  82/

Head:  14/

Combat Abilities:

10.  Counter 1

20.  2 Strike

30.  Dodge 1

Weapon(s):  Wolf-headed staff with a dreamcatcher (a gift from a shaman called Lebroknoj) – 5 + 35 = 40 AT (Blunt), Dagger of Obsidian, finely honed, with an oaken handle and a malachite stone set in the pommel as well as in the center of the crossguard – 6 + 35 = 41 AT.

Other Gear:  Tome of Natural Rites, water skin, two pouches, gloves, facial cowls, quill and ink, natural stones of pretty colors but no material value, druidic ritual supplies, hooded cloak, rations. Various attire as listed in Physical Description.

In hostile environments where food is scarce he tends to take an extra knapsack with cured and dried rations, able to withstand long durations before needing to be consumed.


Path I – Shaman:

Circle I – Light

Circle II – Death Watch
Circle III – Ward: Undead
Circle IV - Purity to Disease
Circle V - Transmute Self (Trees)
Circle VI – Regeneration

Path II – Shaman:

Circle II – Ghost Blade
Circle III – Commune With Spirit
Circle IV - Purity to Poison
Circle V – Animal Companion
Spell Granted: Protect the Soul
Circle VI - Regeneration
Circle VII – Transformation (See Below)

Path III – Healer:

Circle I – Cure Disease
Circle II – Heal Limb
Circle III – Raise Dead
Circle IV - Raise Dead
Circle V - Combat Raise Dead
Circle VI - Circle of Healing


Abilities: Poison Claws (4 Points), Limited Regeneration +1 (3 Points)

Delverys’ alternate form has brown bark where skin would be. His hair turns into fine dark green moss, and his eyes turn leaf green. Small three-pronged antlers sprout from his head, towards the top of the forehead.


Physical Description:

Delverys is of average height. He has brown hair coming down to his shoulders and grey eyes.  Delveryis carries a light load – he can often forage for what he does not have. He generally wears well-broken in sets of wanderer's clothes, appearance and use dependent on location. Primarily forest based, he is often seen in a dark green tunic with brown trousers. He wears a brown belt around the waist, and wears black elk-leather traveler’s boots. Other outfits in the forest vary the woodland tones, however, they all share shades of green and brown. These outfits suit his purposes in plains, savannah and jungle environments.


Delverys also has grey outfits for mountain travel, tan for desert travel, and white for arctic travel. While he has some resilience against natural conditions, he does tend to dress warm for arctic areas and dresses to shade against the sun in desert areas. In both cases, he covers himself nearly completely.

Delveryis wears a hooded cloak with each outfit, to help during the cold nights and to better blend in with his surroundings. Delveryis also has some few outfits made with fabric to withstand aquatic conditions, generally in darker greys.


Abilities:  Delverys is learned in the arts of the druid, with a mixture of shamanistic and healing magic. While in his base form, he tends not to be much of a fighter, wielding only a dagger. When transformed into his aspect of nature, he sacrifices his magical abilities for some light martial


Animal Companion:

Name: Nevrin
Species: Raven
Description: Nevrin is standard for a raven – ebon-black feathers, glistening eyes, and highly intelligent. Nevrin is mischievous, prone to playing harmless tricks on those he is not enamored with. Being an adaptable bird species, Nevrin is a good match for Delveryis’ wandering tendencies. A refined raven, he has a fondness for berries and, having been spoiled, prefers to avoid carrion.