Dagger Arkenstone - Mayor of CrestGrath

Dagger is a male Red Dragon from a long line of merchants whom take the forms of the most prevalent races in order to peddle their wears and earn coin to pad their holdings.  The often odd-outcast Arkenstone family differs greatly in action and interest family member to family member.  Dagger has a great interest in politics, war and history. 

During Dagger’s time in Whitecoast he took true form for the first time since coming to the Realms.  In spite of his tendency during these adolescent times to take for, Dagger remained in human form most of the time yet still exhibited whelp like traits.  He often ate fresh kills be in humans, elves or goblins.  His free thinking-aloof method of being brought him trouble with various peoples and lands throughout the Realms. 

What saved the young dragon was his skill in healing. Many relied on Dagger for his healing powers and speed at using it.  Though his antics were not widely accepted his magic was.  During his years in Whitecoast he leaned heavily on his ability to wield healing magic as well as his ability to move quickly.


Early Life - Oyrnlayre

Dagger washed up in the realms when his family’s merchant vessel went down in a storm around the Realms year 995.  With the knowledge that, Dagger´s uncle Targret Arkenstone had come to these lands years ago, the family traveled in search of him.  They found him selling his wears in the lands of Rrathchllwyn at a tournament known as the Water Wars.  There, the Arkenstones met a great many people, more notably House Oyrnlayre.  Lady Tree, Dagger´s mother, became possessed by a powerful drow priestess and began traveling with the rogue drow house headed by Mistress Raven and Blade Master Sloan, dragging her children along with her.  Dagger remained in Oyrnlayre until he was old enough to venture out on his own.

Dragon’s Breath

Dagger made a few friends at the beginning of his travels that would later settle down with him when he founded CrestGrath around 1002 (https://arkendrose.webnode.com/library-of-crestgrath/town-of-crestgrath-est-1002/).  One of his friends, Mace, had been proving his combat prowess among the Phoenix group Dragon’s Breath and was later asked to join.  Together, Dagger, Mace and Maul (I know, funny right) joined the nation:  two days before it disbanded.  With the nation of Dragon’s Breath gone, an ex-member, Galleos Seaelf approached Dagger and his friends requesting that they join with him and his cause to unit land and sea.  Dagger did not like the idea of a funny looking blue elf talking about water, but for some reason he felt comfortable with him, and went along anyway.


Dagger joined Galleos’s new group WhiteCoast and moved to the Southern Wastes where Galleos and his people had been lent land from the Waste Runners.  From there they built cities and worked to swell their numbers.  They fast became one of the larger nations in the Realms numbering over thirty primary members at their height.  Dagger and his mercenary friend Slim settled the Town of CrestGrath then.  At first the town was small and sparsely populated but it would grow after the nations Mythguad and Neden helped to make the area safer for common folk.

Feasts where held in the lands of WhiteCoast and the heroes of the Realms were called to do battle against the Dark Champion of the oceans.  It was an odd life for Dagger but during this time he perfected the art of combat healing fast becoming one of the best combat healers in the Realms.

The Commonwealth of Independent Nations


Baron Diamond of Banecroft gathered his allies into a single counsel-headed body.  This alliance lasted maybe two or so years.  It was Baron Diamonds’ attempt at uniting various outcast or small nations under one banner.  At the same time, much of the same was being done on a larger scale with the Free Kingdoms.  The Commonwealth united Banecroft, the Iron Kingdom, Fairhaven, and WhiteCoast under one banner.  The Commonwealth managed to field a sizable force twice for the Queen of Hearts Tournaments of 1002 and 1003.  Just prior to the 1003 Queen of Hearts event, Fairhaven backed out of the Commonwealth due to disagreements with who was supposed to run for queen that year.  Tiren was chosen from WhiteCoast as the Commonwealth’s queen for the tournament. 

On a high note, WhiteCoast alone fielded over 30 people (Its largest single event showing).  Dagger proved his healing might then when his magic, and skill in using it, kept the Commonwealth bridge front up for 30 minutes against the Free Kingdoms team.  There was a point after the battle when King Jerrod came up to Galleos and the Baron and said, “we almost though you had us for a minute there.  One more push and we would have buckled,” or something to that effect.

The Commonwealth crumpled a year later after Galleos went missing and WhiteCoast began its rapid collapse.  At either Creathorne 1003 or 04 the Commonwealth fielded only 4 people, Dagger being one of them.  Soon after, the cities of WhiteCoast, save for CrestGrath, fell to bandits and the Dark Champions minions.  Dagger was again nationless.