<-Skills and Learning Intelligence Module->

<-Initialize Transportation->

<-Activate Program->



<-1) Facilitate Access to Information->

<-2) Convert Information Gathered to Useful Intelligence->


<-Transportation Active->

<-Navigation Error Logged->

<-Terminate Program->


The man now known as SLIM woke up in a ditch.


"Man, that was a fucked-up dream!"


Like all dreams though, it soon faded into nothing, and the man looked around.  He was in a ditch, by the side of a road, in the middle of the desert, and the sun was just coming up.


"Aww, shit. This isn't good."


The man quickly took stock of his possessions:  He was wearing multicolored clothing of jumbled green, brown, and black splotches.  The very uniformity of his clothing bespoke some purpose for its coloration, what the purpose was, the man had no idea.  A solid pair of footwear and a wooden handled knife were the extent of what the man possessed.


Taking one look at the rising sun the man said to himself, "I'd better find some water."


Following some tracks in the road, the man came to a small village within an oasis of threes late in the evening.  Consisting of a few houses and one larger building, "quaint", or "tiny" was the word that came to mind.  The man ignored these facts and headed directly for the well at the center of town.  While quenching his raging thirst, the man heard a noise behind him, like steel on leather.  Turning around he took in the other person standing behind him.


Dressed in a green shirt, black pants, and with a bandanna on his head, Dagger struck a not-at-all imposing figure.  "Sorry, I thought you were someone else" Dagger said sheathing his sword, "My name's Dagger, I'm the Mayor of this town."


Personally, the man didn't think a few houses rated a Mayor, but what the heck, the water was free.


"So what's your name?" Dagger asked.


The man was taken aback for a moment, what was his name?  He tried to think of what it was, surely he'd had a name at some point, or had he been dreaming again?  The only thing that came to mind was an acronym: S.L.I.M.


"Well, I guess my name is SLIM," the man said.


"Is that your first or last name?" Dagger asked.


Once again the man was confused, people had more than one name? "I guess it's both."


Thus, the man now known as SLIM came to stay in CrestGrath.