Corwin's story. My parents were a half red dragon/half-elf father and a half-elf mother. As a youngster I never learned the common language of the land. I met a traveling woman named Teeka (spelling? ) who understood me better then most. After traveling with her for a while I first met Galleous (again spelling). Relying mostly on gestures I began to understand that Galleous was the kind of leader I would like to follow. When I decided to settle down I chose to live in a cave I dug on the outskirts of CresGrath as far away from the sea (i distrust that much water) as I could be and still be in the community. I tried my hand at the healing arts before I realized magic, despite my what I was was not for me.


I am of average height and build. I have red scales across my back and on the right side of my body, down my arm and up the right side of the face.