Delveryis (Darion Stormmask)

He had thought his name was Darion. Nine years past he learned it was a borrowed name, taken from another child from the township next to the one he was initially raised in, as it was similar to his true name, Delveryis. The township was human, and xenophobic towards elves...thus his name was masked.

Eight years past, Delveryis learned the ones he thought were his parents were in actuality his godparents. His father was a human soldier, his mother, half elven and half dryad enchantress. They were slain at home trying to protect him. His godparents were warned, too late, by his dryad grandmother, and his parents were slain when he arrived. To this date the ones who slew his parents are unknown.

Seven years ago he journeyed to visit his dryad grandmother. It is through her that his knack for magic stemmed, and through her he learned to better tap into the aspects of natural magic.

Five years ago, Delveryis set out to wander the world. In that time he as been through deserts and tundra, jungles, forests and plains, and some even say across the ocean itself.

Age changes a man, and with these revelations comes a new sense of serenity, wisdom, and caution. While still younger than most the Brigade, Delveryis is no longer a child.



The title Stormmask was based off a literal mask...however, that has been lost through the years, and with the loss of the mask the title. It was an attempt to mask who I was at the recommendation of my godparents...but now in my prime there are no more need for masks.

There's not a hint as to whom have slain his parents, and given how long ago it was there likely will not be.




Physical Age: 28

Gender: Male
Race: ½ Human, 3/8 Elf, 1/8 Dryad


Abilities:  Delverys is learned in the arts of the druid, with a mixture of shamanistic and healing magic.  While in his base form, he tends not to be much of a fighter, wielding only a dagger.  When transformed into his aspect of nature, he sacrifices his magical abilities for some light martial strength.  Delveryis is also a survivor, and rarely stays down after he is slain.