Whitecoast and the Oath of Land and Sea

    Several years past, there was a force of darkness that swept across the Aquatic nations like a storm. This storm ravaged the nations of the southern sea and separated the nations of the east by a rift of violence and carnage.  At the helm of this destruction was the Dark Champion.  The Dark Champion called to him all manner of creation.  Within his abominable ranks were crab soldiers, lizard warriors, shark knights and more.  United, the forces of the Dark Champion crushed all resistance that lay in his wake.

    The Champion of Light was storied to be the only person who could stand against the Dark Champion. With the Sword of Light in hand that person, that champion, would strike at the heart of evil and… Unfortunately there was no champion to be had. Only the sword was available for the taking. One man, an Aquatic elf by the name Galleos Seaelf, took it upon himself to beseech the nations of the Realms (Dry Land) for aid in his people’s struggle against the darkness. The request was for a formal alliance and between land and sea. Those who fought directly with Galleos in his struggle took an oath to strengthen their conviction in the task at hand: The oath to unite land and sea.



Arkendrose by CrestGrath

Arkendrose by CrestGrath: WhiteCoastRPG Role Play

09/10/2015 10:26
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