Our Team

Szramowski, John J.

Project Leader / GM:  John J. Szramowski (Gallious)

I am an enthusiastic and creative person interested in bringing our collective stories to life.  I look forward to working with you all again.  Any questions you have for me you can write them to our facebook group or send me an email.

Email: Boogleplex87j@Verizon.net

Heinstrom, Gary

Project manager / GM:  Gary E. Heinstrom (Dagger)

I am a RP/PVP Low Fantasy lover with over 20 years of experiance in Role Play, Game Building, Event Managment and story building.  my primary desire for this project is to facilitate it to completion by recording the information created in an organized manor using a combination of two websites, a facebook group and personal documents.  Feel free to contact me personaly with any questions comments or concerns about the project.

Email: gary.heinstrom@hotmail.com

Maillet, Chris

Assistant GM (Rebel Faction):  Chris Maillet (Slim)

Chris, while never being an actual member of Whitecoast, seemed to be part of the group in everything but name.  He helped in events and even story telling and npcing.  He was one of the main minds behidn the Rebel Faction, an origional parrody of another Realms plot, and played its leader known simply as "The Fearless Leader."  Chris is back to pack a punch with his aid in running the RF once again.