Rebel Faction (Rf)

The Rebel Faction is a large band of Wastes residents that had occupied the varying oasis’s of the coastal Southern Waste regions before the arrival of the Whitecoast Brigade.  As the Whitecoast Brigade began to set up a firm government the natives became restless.   Some traveled to the cities in the Northern Wastes to learn about these new “invaders” in order to find the best means to oppose their rule.

During the native’s visits to these cities, they learned of Illinar who had a similar claim to the lands of Banecroft as the natives had to the lands now occupied by WhiteCoast.  The natives began to band under a Fearless Leader and his Lieutenant in opposition to the WhiteCoast government.  Using his own unique abilities, The Fearless Leader adapted what he had learned from the Song of Illinar to his new Rebel Faction. 

To fuel the native’s passion for freedom The Fearless Leader made a mockery of unified governments and armies.  The Fearless Leader took on his title of Fearless Leader, his right hand man became simply known as the Lieutenant and many other tribal leaders were given names that joked of their personal identities such as Red Blue Combination and Justsomeguy.

Jokes aside, the Rebel Faction quickly proved a problem for the growing Nation of Whitecrest as they raided trade routes and assaulted settlements.  In spike of a few set back delivered by Mythgard, the Rebel Faction continued to strike at WhiteCoast in any way they could.  Their primary targets:  Genova and Tempest.