House of Hosh

Not long after the Town of CrestGrath was settled in its lightly-wooded Wastes Oasis, the villagers discovered that there was a Gate due north of the village.  At first Dagger and Slim were cautious of the Gate seeing it as an inactive structure, perhaps a ruin, of times long past.  Then it turned on and the first notable entrants into the Realms from what lay beyond were an undead force led by a demon by the name of Damon Hosh.


At first Damon was bold and attacked the town of CrestGrath directly only to be interrupted by Neden a nation which came from the opposite end of the Realms.  After his defeat, Damon withdrew but the presence of his undead army remained under the leadership of various necromancers.  No full scale assaults have occurred since the first so has become unknown as to what the purpose the House of Hosh has in the Realms.