The Star Alliance

It is known by both the Empires of Coastaar and Sycon that the Star Alliance of Nations has a hidden spy operation deep within the vast Forest of Voy.  Many conflicts between Star forces and the two native countries have transpired over the years yet for some reason neither Sycon nor Coastaar can seem to remove the Star Alliance presence in their areas.


As a result of constant intelligence collecting, the Star became aware of the presence of the Gate to the Realms and sought to investigate it further.  At first the job of getting close enough was a difficult one but soon shifts in Coastaarian power, namely the disappearance of one of the empire’s northern armies, led to an abandoning of Fort Voy which was the only Coastaarian stronghold in the area to control the forest region.  This opened the doors for ease of movement of the Star’s side which brought their influence trickling into the Realms.