Empire of Coastaar (Dark Empire)

When Mythgard crushed the Rf they quickly scouted the surrounding area searching for any other threats.  What they found was the Gate due north CrestGrath.  Mythgard ventured through the gate to the forested lands beyond arriving in the territory known as the Forest of Voy in the World of Arkendrose.  The lands that inhabited this region were separated by a loose boundary between the New Blood Empire of Sycon to the North and the Empire of Coastaar to the South.


The area of the Gate itself is considered to be within Coastaar’s domain and as such the entry of an armed force was seen as an act of aggression if not war.  The soldiers of the Empire present gave a warning to Mythgard but that warning was not heeded.  Instead a fight broke out.  Sensing the difficulties of combating the Empire’s force, Mythgard fell back through the Gate and closed it with abjurey.


The Gate was later reopened from the Arkendrosian side and scout units poured forth to find and kill the people of Mythgard.  Some conflicts did occur which drew the attention of the collective Realms.  This proved to be too much for the forward deployed force causing them to withdraw back to their home world. 

In spite of their defeat in the Realms, there are some rumors still in circulation among the villagers that the Empire still has a force nearby.