The Lieutenant

The original Lieutenant moved the Rebel Faction’s forces against the Village of CrestGrath.  When he arrived he found the small town already under conflict from a small army of undead which included extremely durable golems.  Unable to contend with the undead force, the Lieutenant fell back to a nearby ruin of an old fort. 

The Lieutenant sent a runner to the Fearless Leader asking for his advice on the matter.  The Fearless Leader ordered that he should occupy the fort and begin probing both the undead and the WhiteCoast village.  The Fearless Leader would travel from one of the Rf camps to CrestGrath and see for himself what could be done about the second problem.

Due to the setback with the undead, the Lieutenant and the Rebel Faction were not able to take the town.  Dagger, the village’s leader, was able to get word out in time to gain assistance against both threats. 

As the first of WhiteCoast’s aid arrived, the Lieutenant acted to try and take CrestGrath before further reinforcements could arrive.  His efforts were interrupted by a surge of undead from north of the village and the Rf were forced to fall back to the fort.  When Neden and Mythgard arrived, the WhiteCoast locals told them of the nearby Rebel fort.  Mythgard stormed the fort killing the Lieutenant in the process.

Although the Lieutenant was killed in a battle near CrestGrath, the Fearless Leader searched far and wide and was able to replace him...