Whitecoast RPG

The Whitecoast RPG is an online-text-based rolepaying project.  Our aim ist to play out and record the stories from the Fall of Whitecoast to the salvation of Gallious Seaelf.  All minds that had a hand in Whitecoast's stories before, be it members, allies, event holders, story writes, staff etc. are welcome to take part.  The "GMs" of this project will be Johny(Gallious) and Gary(Dagger) with guests for various areas of story telling.  As this is planned to be an interactive expierences, it will be run as a online-text-based-rolepaying game which will have an often table top feel to them while being run through blogs. 

Visitor's notice

The current project headquarters for general gathering is a Private Facebook Group:  www.facebook.com/groups/1496889233963158/1496909350627813/?comment_id=1499418657043549&notif_t=group_comment

The current project test area, along with other Whitecoast related information, can be found here:  arkendrose.webnode.com/